Statistics in December 2014

In December 2014, there are 837 unique visitors making 950 visits resulting in 1,128 pageviews, about 36 daily pageviews, virtually flat comparing to last month.

As today, my blog is still estimated by Alexa. It ranks my blog 781,909 globally and 146,776 in the United States. Higher than last month, but these are estimates.

Where are my visitors located?

29.27% of visits are from the United States, almost 5% drop compare to last month. The second place is from India with 8.60%, that is increase of more than 1%.

Where do my visitors come from?

Google is the top traffic source with 82% of all visits, almost 2% drop month to month. Social is still almost non-existing.

What devices and operating systems are my visitors using?

48.39% are using Windows, then followed closely by Macintosh with 32.14%. The gain in Windows is interesting. And 97.25% visitors are using desktop devices, not changing much.

What is the top post?

The most popular post is still Split a Large JSON File into Smaller Pieces, it is even more popular than the site’s main index page.

How is my site speed?

The average page load time is 2.93 seconds. The slowest is sampled at 4.09 seconds. This is better news than last month.

Is my blog getting more and more visitors?

Yes! The month-to-month gain is just 2.15%, and year-to-year gain is 603.70%, more than a half of thousdand fold.