Small Markdown Features on Ghost Blogging Platform

I have known about Ghost since its KickStarter campaign. And recently they just launched the hosted platform for Ghost. I like to set up and run it myself, but the hosted platform is 100% customized to run Ghost blogs. So it could be more efficient and reliable than tinkering on my own. While I was testing it, I have noticed two small Markdown features supported by Ghost:

Automatic links

You do not need to enclose the fully qualified URL in angular brackets, URL like will be automatically linked up. But this works well without language like English where a space denotes as a separator. When I work with language like Chinese, this frequently creating a problem where the Chinese characters are treated as parts of the link. Therefore, I still prefer to write it with angular brackets and get into the habit in doing:


Line divider

One feature I like so far is the support of a line divider. Just need three dashes in a line, it will be converted into a fancy divider. This is great for writing references and footnotes.

This is a quick blog for getting started with Ghost.

Exploration continues…

GitHub Flavored Markdown

If I use GitHub to host my blog, and write the content in Markdown, then we not use GitHub Flavored Markdown. There are a few difference that are most relevant to me.

Fenced code blocks with syntax highlighting instead of four spaces:

// Do something

instead of four spaces:

  // Do something

Which is essentially the same, but GitHub flavored is better, since sometimes I write code block in Google Docs, and the syntax highlighting.

And don’t forget that emoji emoticons are supported. :smile: :smiley: :laughing: