Create a jq Docker Image with Automated Build

I have created a jq Docker image based on BusyBox with automated builds. BusyBox is really really small in size, so the jq image I have created is also very small, just a little over 6 MB.

Here is the source code and image repositories:

Building Docker image is pretty straight-forward, just follow the instruction:

I have also created a tag v1.4 in my GitHub repository to match the release of jq binary. This should also be reflected in Docker registry. After couple tries, here is the build details for adding both latest and 1.4 tags:

Type Name Dockerfile Location Tag Name
Tag v1.4 / 1.4
Branch master / latest

The first two columns match git branch and tag, and the last column reflects Docker tags. See and

This is done by starting an automated build with type of tag instead of branch. Everything is done via the Docker Hub website.

If I pull down this repository:

$ docker pull realguess/jq

It should give me two image layers with the two different image IDs, which makes sense, as latest commit usually is not the same as the tagged one.

After a while, the index should be built, and I can search it via:

$ docker search jq
realguess/jq 1 [OK]

The image is listed as AUTOMATED, but the description is missing here in the search command.

There are two types of descriptions:

  • Short description
  • Full description

Full description will be generated automatically via file. I thought the short description can also be generated via README-short.txt, however, this is not the case. You can add it in the settings page for example:

Automated builds are triggered automatically with GitHub and BitBucket repository. Once any commit is pushed to either repository, a trigger will be sent to Docker Hub, and automated build will start.